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Navteq Buys Acuity

Chicago – GPS map maker Navteq said it acquired Acuity Mobile, a company owning technology
that delivers targeted advertising relating to one’s precise location.

Navteq said it has already worked with Acuity Mobile for several
years and made an investment in the company in March 2008.

Navteq uses Acuity’s mobile technology to target consumers with
coupons, promotions and advertisements based on their precise location and

“The acquisition of Acuity Mobile further strengthens our eight-plus
years in location-based advertising and interactive advertising,” said Navteq
advertising VP Chris Rothey.  “Our
research indicates that the more finely we target advertising, the higher value
it brings to consumers and advertisers alike.

Acuity Mobile is a U.S.-based company with approximately 18
employees. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Navteq is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nokia, which purchased the
map maker in July 2008 after announcing
the acquisition
in late 2007.