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Navteq Adds Flight Info To Navigation

Chicago — GPS map maker Navteq will become one of the first GPS services to provide air-travel status updates to users of navigation devices.

The feature, along with a gas-price-update service, is expected to be commercially available in the first quarter of 2009.

Navteq’s air-travel service could provide navigation device users with flight-delay status listings for thousands of U.S. flights. It also includes weather conditions at hundreds of airports and average security line wait times.

Navteq’s fuel price listings allow PND users to search for the lowest gas prices at nearby gas stations. Users can see listings for different fuels, including diesel and ethanol/E85, and regular, midgrade and premium gasoline.

Fuel prices can also be configured to proactively deliver or “push” data as drivers reach a certain number of miles driven or when a fuel gauge reaches a certain level, said Navteq.