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Navigon Preparing New Features For iPhone Nav App

Chicago – Navigon
plans to upgrade its iPhone navigation app in the spring with 3D terrain views,
automatic uploading of location and destination updates to Facebook and
Twitter, and automatic route customization based in part on past driving

The $89.99 MobileNavigator
North America app already features such key portable navigation device (PND) features
as spoken street names, lane assist, reality view, and Navigon’s Traffic Live
feature, which is available as an in-app purchase to receive real-time traffic
information gathered from current Navigon iPhone users, commercial fleets,
other GPS systems, and ClearChannel’s Total Traffic Network service.

The latest
upgrades include Panorama View 3-D, which features 3D maps that depict the
surrounding landscape with elevations, shadows and geographic images, the
company said. The 3D maps, which use height and terrain data from NASA, will
reside on the iPhone along with Navigon’s map database and routing software.

The 3D feature
will be available as an in-app purchase for $9.99. The other two updates will
be available at no charge.

One of those two, social-network
integration, gives users the option of broadcasting their current location,
destination and estimated time of arrival to Twitter and Facebook without
interrupting navigation. The feature automatically limits input to 140

The new customized
routing feature, called MyRoutes, displays three routes to a destination, each
with distance and estimated time of arrival displayed. One route is based on
past driving habits, day of week, and time of travel. The other two recommended
routes provide other options.

Unlike cellular
carrier-provided navigation services, Navigon’s nav app incorporates onboard maps
and routing algorithm that reside on the iPhone. That avoids service charges
for carrier-provided navigation service, and it enables drivers to continue
navigating even if they lose a cellular signal.

PND maker TomTom
also offers a navigation app for the iPhone with onboard maps and routing
algorithm, and PND maker Garmin offers a PND phone with onboard maps and
algorithm through AT&T.