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Navigon to Offer iPhone App

Chicago — The iPhone continues to attract GPS applications as Navigon announced it will offer two GPS apps for the iPhone this summer, joining TomTom.

A third GPS provider, TeleNav, announced last July it is developing an iPhone app but has not yet announced a delivery date.

One version of the Navigon app will offer turn by turn directions and many of the high end features found on a portable GPS device such as views of highway signs at complex intersections and lane guidance. 

A Lite version will offer map views and points of interest but no turn by turn directions.

Navigon, which officially quit the personal navigation device (PND) market in the U.S. recently, continues to supply PNDs overseas and is pursuing the GPS software and OEM markets.

It expects to provide GPS apps for the Android and is looking into supplying the Palm Pre. It currently offers navigation software for Windows Mobile and Symbian phones.

Regarding the iPhone, Navigon is also looking a providing a windshield mounting kit for the device although it says kits are likely to be available from third party suppliers.

The Navigon iPhone app is a version of Navigon’s MobileNavigator. It displays points of interest along the route path and has a day/night mode. The display can switch from landscape to portrait mode by turning the iPhone 90 degrees. If navigation is interrupted by a telephone call then navigation is resumed automatically when the call ends. Pricing has not yet been announced on the full featured version however, the Lite version will be offered at no charge.

The app requires an iPhone 3G with the Apple 3.0 OS or the new iPhone 3G S.