Navigation Study: What's Driving U.S. Consumers 

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Chicago - More people use portable navigation devices (PNDs) than in-dash navigation systems, but users of in-dash systems use their system more often, according to a U.S. consumer survey released by Navteq.

In its survey, the digital map and traffic-information provider found that navigation use has grown to 48 percent of U.S. consumers, up from only 22 percent in 2006. The statistics include the use of PNDs, in-dash navigation, and cellphone-based navigation. Another 48 percent said they are familiar with navigation systems but haven't used one.

In a separate survey, Navteq also found that no matter what type of device is used, consumers use it more often if it's equipped with real-time traffic updates. Forty-eight percent of U.S. navigation users said they use their current navigation system more often than they did before they had access to real-time traffic, the company said.

In a third survey, Navteq found that two-thirds of cellphone users in eight countries want a mapping service that delivers driving and walking directions.


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