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NATM Begins Recruitment Drive

New York – The NATM Buying Corp. is looking to build its ranks.

According to executive director and newly elected president Bill Trawick, the eight-dealer group will actively entertain new members to help replace lost volume following the recent departures of H.H. Gregg and Sight ‘n Sound.

The former members did approximately $600 million in combined sales last year, bringing NATM’s annual volume down to about $2.1 billion, based on TWICE estimates.

Given the dearth of NATM-sized independents, he said, sales volume would be a less immediate criterion for membership than a growth-oriented business plan and a commitment to support group programs. ‘There’s not a lot of dealers out there doing over $100 million,’ he noted. ‘Besides, many of our guys started small.’

Recruitment aside, Trawick, who is the first NATM director to also serve as president, said he doesn’t anticipate any change in the group’s strategic direction as a result of his added responsibilities.

‘I have no agenda,’ he said, citing his non-dealer status. ‘My only goal is to develop the best programs I can for each of our members.’

Trawick succeeded longtime president and group leader Jerry Throgmartin, CEO of H.H. Gregg. Throgmartin resigned his post and withdrew Gregg’s membership last month in anticipation of territorial conflicts with other NATM dealers in the course of its planned expansion into new markets.

In other NATM news, the group has completed its relocation to new offices -around the corner from the old ones. Effective today, the buying group’s new address is 450 Seventh Ave., Suite 1309, New York, N.Y. 10123. Phone and fax numbers remain unchanged, as is NATM’s online address: