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Winston-Salem, N.C. - Nationwide Marketing Group (NMG) has partnered with CExchange on a CE trade-in and recycling program for its dealers.

The program, which has also been utilized by RadioShack, distributor DSI Systems and the Progressive Retailers Organization buying group (PRO Group), allows dealers to offer CE trade-in and recycling to their customers.

Members can take in up to 22 categories of electronics, including TVs, mobile phones, cameras and computers, which are appraised by their current condition and given a dollar value.

"It is illegal in most states to throw away electronics into waste," said Scott Nordhaus, CEO of CExchange in a statement. "This program gives consumers a legal and easy way to get rid of unwanted products at no cost to the dealer since we pay for shipping and make sure that the products are recycled responsibly."

Nordhaus said the program provides a needed service to the community while offering value to the consumer and driving greater foot traffic and margins for dealers.

"A typical customer will get up to $150 for two or three items that they bring in. In return, that customer will usually take the $150 credit and spend $300 to $400 on new products at that store," Nordhaus said.

"The ease and flexibility of this new recycling program is well suited to our diverse membership and places a high value on sustainability and convenience to the consumer," said Doug Schatz, Nationwide's electronics merchandising VP. "This is a great opportunity for our dealers to take a leadership role in bringing sustainability programs to their community."

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