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Nationwide Lowers Prices On Fixtures

Winston-Salem, N.C. — Nationwide Marketing Group (NMG) has lowered prices on two of its display fixture systems.

The lines, developed by the buying group’s in-house design center, include NuBeam, introduced in February,

and Eline, an earlier wooden slat wall panel system.

NuBeam features readily assembled, 90-inch-high black finished beams that can hold up to three flat-panel TVs. The system also comes with surround-sound speaker arms, heavy-duty display shelves, universal TV mounts, a distribution amp, cable sets, pop-out canopies that can be branded with logos or store promotions, and a space for graphic banners and sign headers.

Eline has also been “value engineered” for better performance and a drop in price from $560 to less than $450, Nationwide said.

“We brought the costs way down by identifying the best resources in the country,” said Nationwide president Ed Kelly. The change, which also shortened delivery times, will allow dealers to upgrade their stores more frequently at a significantly lower cost, he said.

Nationwide’s design center point man Albert Turick said both systems are in stock and ready for immediate shipment to member dealers exclusively. “Dealers can’t get these designs at these low prices anywhere else,” he said.

For more information call (800) 471-8658 or email Turick at [email protected].