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Nationwide Hosts PrimeTime! Convention

Nationwide Marketing Group, the buying organization that boasts $10 billion in annual sales, is hosting its semi-annual buying convention, PrimeTime! this week through Aug. 23rd at the Venetian Hotel here. Attendance was expected to be record-breaking with more than 3,000 independent dealers and vendors set to attend at press time.

“When we initiated PrimeTime! in 1992, we had roughly 600 members and vendors in attendance,” said Robert Weisner, Nationwide executive VP. “Now fast forward to August 2006, when we expect over 3,000 members and vendors to join us in the growth is astounding.”

The theme for the event is “I Am Nationwide,” intended to highlight members’ successes. The company explains the theme will be emphasized by allowing members to showcase their success as it relates to Nationwide’s services.

“We want to take the opportunity, at our PrimeTime! convention to showcase these dealers’ stories and highlight the success they’ve found as members of Nationwide,” said Ed Kelly, Nationwide’s president. “The independent dealers are why we’re here, and their stories are truly inspiring. PrimeTime! offers the perfect venue to share these stories and allow dealers to network with one another and create new success stories of their own.”

About 150 vendors are expected to exhibit at the buying show. In addition, attendees can view HD promotional materials designed specifically for National members, which will be available in a variety of formats. Dealers can also train on the organization’s new order management system, Member Net OMS, launched in February.

“Through Member Net OMS, Nationwide members essentially have a one stop shop for nearly 100 brands 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Les Kirk, executive director.