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Nationwide Holds Seminars In 2 Cities


Nationwide Marketing
Group’s value-added services were in full-swing
this month with back-to-back seminars in Dallas
and Atlanta.

The former, the buying group’s first-ever Business
and Leadership Management Conference,
was held earlier this month to assist smaller, single-
market dealers with business management and
succession issues.

That event was followed by this week’s Masters
Mentor Summit, held three times a year for larger
“core” level dealers and rent-to-own members,
whose owners and senior managers receive training
in sales tactics and employee motivation and

About 25 attendees representing 11 retail businesses
were on hand, including Queen City, Karl’s
Appliance, Sherman’s and Plass Appliances.

The three-day Summit, which also touched on the
impact of e-commerce and mobile price-comparison
apps, was led by Nationwide member services national
director Ed Knodle and Steve Bryant, principal of The
Bryant Group, which runs Nationwide’s PrimeMedia!
video production house, here.

Indeed, PrimeMedia! also serves as the site of the
Summit, giving visitors an opportunity to also tour the
TV studio and video editing facilities, where well over
100 terabytes of high-definition TV commercials, training
and instructional films, product clips, and dealercustomized
in-store and online videos are shot and

For more on Nationwide’s seminars and the doings
of buying groups in general see the print edition
of TWICE or visit on May 2.