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Winston-Salem, N.C. - Nationwide Marketing Group (NMG) will provide expanded online services to its independent dealer members through a new partnership with Tailbase, a web developer for retailers and manufacturers.

Enhancements include third-party integration and management features and access to Tailbase's unique search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, which can increase the visibility of a website in search engine results.

The partnership follows last year's alignment with web solution provider NMG said the new Tailbase program will provide members with alternative options when choosing or upgrading their websites.

"Nationwide Marketing Group represents dealers who own one store to regional chains. This means they all have very different needs when it comes to running their businesses," said Frank Sandtner, the buying group's member services operations director. "With the addition of Tailbase to our existing web services, we are ensuring that all of our dealers will have access to the very best options in the market."

Tailbase president Robert Lapointe said his company's website solutions are "very affordable, and we work closely with retailers from building a unique design to providing them with the most compelling content and imagery."

All Tailbase programs come with complete technical support and customer service, Lapointe said. "This sets us apart from other programs out there, where service hours are usually purchased by the client and can add up quickly to a very pricey additional expense."

 For more information, contact Tailbase at (866) 964-6152 or

, or contact NMG at (800) 471-8952 or



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