Nationwide Adds $200M In New Memberships

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Winston-Salem, N.C. - Nationwide Marketing Group (NMG) said recent growth in membership has increased its total sales volume by more than $200 million.

Recent dealer additions include former NATM chain Queen City in Charlotte, N.C., as well as Friedmans Appliance Center, Long Beach, Calif.; Friedmans, Pleasant Hill, Calif.; and Airport Home Appliance, Hayward,  Calif.

NMG executive VP Robert Weisner said four of the top 20 U.S. appliance dealers are now Nationwide members, underscoring the group's continuing growth. "With the current economy, it's absolutely necessary for dealers to inject fresh, new ideas into their business in order to take it to the next level and that's exactly what dealers get at PrimeTime," he said, referring to NMG's biannual convention.

In prepared statements, Queen City CEO Roddey Player and Friedmans' principal Sylvia


cited the group's member services, marketing tools, buying opportunities and shared best practices.

"I am blown away by how much they have developed their member services," said Player, an early Nationwide dealer. "These will definitely help us compete tougher and take our company to the next level."

Added Weisner: "Yes, it is difficult, yes, it is challenging, but there are still a lot of opportunities, especially with all of the new technologies and expansion of product lines. Independents can move much faster and keep up with these market changes better than big-box stores can. That's the exciting part of it and that independent spirit is what Nationwide Marketing Group was built on."

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