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Rochester, Minn. — TransplantGPS is launching a portable GPS device bearing the NASCAR and Dale Jr. brands aimed at the more than 70 million NASCAR fans, said the company, which sells devices under the RightWay brand.

Called the Spotter, the new personal navigation device (PND) draws on the popularity of race car celebrity

Dale Earnhardt, Jr., whose voice is featured giving turn-by-turn directions on the device. 

The unit also includes a point-of-interest tour of Charlotte, N.C., which attracts 1 million racing fans each year as a tourist site, said Transplant GPS sales and marketing VP Dave Happe.

The Dale Jr. GPS will be sold starting this week through and and then in May through QVC and racing outlets and Web sites.

Happe said the licensing agreements with NASCAR and Earnhardt will help differentiate the Spotter, as Garmin, TomTom and Magellan share a lock on 80 percent of PND market share.

The Spotter includes a mode for text-to-speech pronunciation of street names, but if users wish to hear voice cues by Earnhardt, then directions are given without street names. The device includes maps of the U.S., an MP3 and video player, e-book reader, photo viewer and 1.7 million points of interest. 

The Spotter has a suggested retail of $299.