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Naki Launches Game Accessories

Naki International is announcing a number of new video game accessories for Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64 that are designed to make the gaming experience more realistic.

For example, the new Thunder Wheel for PlayStation provides a realistic racing experience. The 10-inch solid rubber steering wheel has turning back force, with a built-in gearshift and dashboard-mounted directional buttons for up, down and option controls.

The sturdy wheel is scheduled to ship in April and will sell for about $49.99, said marketing director Naz Amarachi. It is compatible with all analog and digital games.

The Sun Valley, Calif.-based company is also announcing a universal Rocker Seat Massager for both Nintendo and PlayStation, also at a selling price of $49.99 and shipping in April.

The Rocker Seat Massager provides varying amounts of high-speed movement, depending on the game action, and “completely immerses players in the action like never before,” said Amarachi.

Also new from Naki are updated colors for its analog dual-shock controller for PlayStation. The device will be offered in April for $24.99 in camouflage and in a red, white and blue design.

Naki’s new $13.99 Rumble Pak for N64 attaches to the consumer’s existing controller to provide more realistic action. It adds 1MB of memory and requires no batteries.

New memory cards for PlayStation come with 6MB or 9MB of memory and are being offered at $24.99 and $29.99, respectively. The 6MB features 90 blocks of memory for a total of six pages of storage, while the 9MB version provides 135 blocks of memory for nine pages.

Both include an LED indicator to show which page the user is on and how much memory is left.

Naki is also announcing a golden version of its Silver Bullet Gun for PlayStation at $29.99.