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NAD Readies Home Theater Amp

Pickering, Ontario – NAD will go to International CES with a new seven-channel amplifier that boasts lower standby power consumption than its predecessor and new cosmetics that match the brand’s T 187 surround sound preamp/processor.

The new amp is the $2,799-suggested T 977, whose standby power consumption has been reduced to less than 0.5 watts. An automatic standby mode has also been included to reduce power consumption.

The amp is shipping. Other new NAD products will be displayed at CES, but the company declined to comment on them.
 The T 977 amp is rated at 7×140 watts of minimum continuous power into 4- or 8-ohm speakers with all channels driven simultaneously from 20Hz–20kHz with less than 0.03% THD. NAD calls its power rating “NAD full disclosure power” to contrast it with the FTC’s minimum requirements, which specify an 8-ohm load at 1kHz on any single channel with no distortion specified, NAD said.

The amp’s FTC power rating is 7×250 watts.

The amp features mono-block modular construction, balanced differential Class A input circuit topology, individual input-gain controls for each channel, and 12-volt trigger input.

NAD’s PowerDrive technology almost doubles the effective power on transients by adding a second high-voltage rail to a well-regulated, high-current power supply, the company said. Soft-clipping technology limits high-frequency energy during clipping to protect speakers from damage. The selectable “soft clipping” feature “transforms the music waveform as the point of clipping approaches, resulting in much clearer reproduction and simultaneous protection of speakers,” the company said.

A thermostatically controlled fan with signal-tracking circuit turns on only when needed.

The amplifier will be displayed at International CES at the Venetian Hotel in suites 29-321 and 29-323.

NAD was founded in 1972 and is distributed in the U.S. by Lenbrook America.