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NAB Updates DTV Campaign

Washington — The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) said Monday that it has updated its

To start, the

The broadcasting association trade group said it is also updating elements of its on-air, online and grassroots educational initiatives, including:

  • DTV television spots in English and Spanish that NAB distributed to all stations and partner organizations reaching consumers in gas stations, airlines and auto and medical service centers;
  • a half-hour educational program about the DTV transition in English and Spanish, which stations must run to meet Federal Communications Commission consumer education requirements;
  • Web sites —
  • key DTV educational materials available in English and Spanish;
  • DTV ads featured in 200 public buses across Washington, D.C.;
  • DTV ads displayed throughout the Capitol South metro station in Washington, D.C.; and a large outdoor banner on NAB’s downtown Washington building headquarters.

The NAB said it is also providing customizable materials to stations that will be transitioning before the June 12 deadline to help prepare impacted viewers.

switch-to-digital TV education campaign to reflect the new June 12 analog cutoff date.NAB launched Monday new DTV ads in 200 public buses across the nation’s capitol, where an estimated 20 percent of TV households rely on free over-the-air television, the NAB and;