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NAB 2009: Adobe, Disney Execs Talk Up Flash

Following the news that Adobe is working to bring its Flash video format to TV’s supported by its new Strobe open media player framework, Disney’s A.D. Bud Albers, CTO of Disney Interactive Group, announced Disney would join Adobe’s “open screen effort,” during a super session talk with Adobe Systems Inc. President-CEO Shantanu Narayen at the NAB convention in Las Vegas Monday morning.

Disney’s Albers argues that online video is “completely additive” to traditional TV viewing and that the industry must continue to evolve to meet consumer demand. This requires change and cooperation throughout the industry.

Narayen says in fact the way we create, produce and distribute content is “changed forever.”

He expects to roll out Strobe by the end of the year.

We have moved from an era of “network TV to networked digital devices,” and from “broadcast programming to one of broadband programming,” Narayen says.

He says Adobe is working to “reinvent the boundaries of storytelling technologies to provide true business results.”

He talked about the importance of integrating workflow, delivering quality, discovering content, monetizing content and measuring and engaging audiences.

Narayen demonstrated Flash-enabled HD video played on both a mobile device and on TV via a Flash menu on a set-top box. 

Narayen also offered a peek at Adobe Story, a content creation workflow product that captures meta data starting with the screenwriting process.The program provides shot-lists along with video playback to help drive search and improve ad integration. 

“Storytelling is still all about engaging audiences. That’s what hasn’t changed for thousands of years,” Narayen says.

“Technology is a means to an end,” he adds.

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