MyerEmco To Carry Cernium Video Security System

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Reston, Va. — MyerEmco AudioVideo has signed Cernium, a developer of video analytics-enabled products, to carry its Archerfish mobile video intelligence (MVI) solution to consumers in the greater Washington D.C. area.

Archerfish gives consumers a remote way to remotely keep an eye on their homes and businesses. Using a

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combination of video cameras, an Archerfish SmartBox (an intelligent device with advanced video technology) and the Archerfish SmartPortal (a custom Web portal), Archerfish “watches” businesses and homes for events users define as important, such as children arriving home from school or an unwelcome intruder, the company said.

When a defined event occurs, Archerfish notifies users by forwarding event text and video to their mobile phone, or the Archerfish SmartPortal. Unlike other monitoring products, Archerfish said it does all the hard work, pushing critical, visual information as events of interest occur, freeing users from watching hours of video, Cernium said. Archerfish debuted at the International CES earlier this year.

“Archerfish has major appeal for consumers who want timely, relevant, visual information about the people and places that matter most to them, no matter where they may be,” said Craig Chambers, president/CEO, Cernium. “Residents of the D.C. area are apt to be busy professionals or business owners with active lives that cross Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Thanks to the professionals at MyerEmco Home Security, consumers in our own backyard now have an added opportunity to own this unique and powerful solution.”

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