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MXL Names Dealer Of The Year

EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. – MXL has named online retailer Musician’s Friend as its Dealer of the Year.

Musician’s Friend president Gene Jolly and merchandising VP Chris Tso accepted the award.

MXL said Musician’s Friend has been instrumental in building the MXL brand since they first began offering MXL microphones in 2002. The retailer carries the largest selection of MXL microphones, including the best-selling 900 series and now the 800 series. The Dealer of the Year award acknowledges both its success in selling MXL microphones and its ongoing promotion of the brand.

Musician’s Friend announced it will carry MXL’s 20th anniversary microphones line, to be released later this year. The line of three microphones will feature pearl-white bodies with gold grilles and markings.