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Mvix Unveils Ultio Pro Media Center

Home entertainment set-top box resource Mvix recently launched the Mvix Ultio Pro, a hard-drive-based media center that supports the recording and playback of up to 1080p HD video content.

The Ultio Pro is said to contain high-end video processing and will store HD media on its internal hard drive. The box connects to an HDTV via an HDMI output, and will playback digital images as well as videos and music.

Mvix said Ultio supports most 1080p HD video codecs and formats, including H.264, MKV, Dixv HD, MOV, VC-1, FLV and more.

Ultio Pro is scalable and will store up to 2TB of content on its internal hard disk, the company said.

Ultio Pro comes with an embedded Torrent client combined with network access servers.

Mvix said the Ultio Pro will record analog TV shows from cable or satellite services, or family videos from a camcorder.

It is said to be suitable for archiving old VCR tapes and DVDs to digital media files.

Ultio Pro also supports time-shifting of scheduled live programming.

Mvix is now taking preorders on Ultio Pro in two versions: one omitting the hard drive, which is priced at $169, and one that is bundled with a 2TB hard drive, which will be available at $348.

Mike Mallon, Mvix business development VP, said, “We’ve been working on the personal video recording (PVR) technology for some time, and we’re happy to combine HD media playback and recording in a single device that should serve as the ultimate solution for home entertainment and business videos. Our aggressive pricing structure with a comprehensive set of features is likely to set highest standards in high definition entertainment.”

Ultio is Internet-ready and pre-equipped with a network port, supporting optional wireless-N capability.

It supports a samba server and a UPnP implementation, allowing seamless integration with services including PlayOn or Tversity (for streaming video content from Netflix, Hulu, CBS, YouTube, CNN and ESPN). Mvix will launch wireless-N accessories for the Ultio Pro along with the set-top box.

Mvix said it expects to ship the Ultio Pro for orders taken at the Mvix Online Store starting in February. The company will also be working with retail partners including,, and B&