MusicSkins Broadens Musician Line


Brooklyn, N.Y. - MusicSkins, a manufacturer of vinyl skins for portable digital devices, gaming accessories, netbook and external hard drives, announced a line of iPod skins featuring cover art from the band Paramore's new CD, "Brand New Eyes."

The skins will be sold through Hot Topic stores starting today, along with MusicSkin's Web site.


"Hot Topic totally gets the rock culture and understands what this young, edgy, hip market wants, so they are a perfect retail partner for us since that's exactly the market our products are targeted to," said Jed Seifert, MusicSkins executive VP, in a statement. "We're thrilled to be building a relationship with such a well-respected merchandiser of music-related gear and accessories and making our first step into the mainstream consumer retail market with them. We look forward to working with Hot Topic on merchandising skins for other hot bands."

The Paramore skins, which are said to offer scratch resistance and anti-UV coating, join the company's line of musician-related coverings, including The Beatles, Bob Marley, Madonna, Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift, Johnny Cash, Coldplay and Kiss, among others.

The "Brand New Eyes" skins will be available for the fourth-generation iPod Nano 4, iPod Classic, second-gen Touch and iPhone 3Gs/3G/2G.


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