Mulally Advises Sync Kept Ford Ahead Of Pack

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LAS VEGAS - Alan Mulally, Ford Motor Company CEO, began his International CES keynote yesterday morning with a large round of applause when Consumer Electronics Association president/CEO Gary Shapiro introduced him as the head of the only U.S. car company not bailed out by the federal government.

The high-powered CEO took the stage looking for all the world like he was heading to the links for a Saturday golf game.

Ford’s Alan Mulally

Mulally's brief remarks centered on Ford's business philosophy and how important smart technology such as Sync helped separate Ford from the pack. Mulally described the recent results of the launch and learn program with Best Buy in Dallas and how Sync demos made customers more likely to buy Fords. The program would soon be rolling out to Pennsylvania and California.

Mulally then left the stage and a procession of Ford engineers proceeded to detail the plans for the company's updated Sync system - particularly MyFordTouch that would arrive first this summer in the 2011 Lincoln MKX, then the Edge.  Using sophisticated voice and touch commands, the goal is the minimize driver distractions, enhance safety - and of course, hopefully sell more Ford vehicles.


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