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MTX Adds Pro Style Drivers, Shallow Subs For Car

Phoenix – MTX
Audio has begun selling individual pro-style bullet tweeters and midbass
drivers for the first time and launched a series of shallow-mount subwoofers
for vehicle applications.

The separately
sold drivers in the RoadThunder Extreme (RTX) series are designed for very high
output, thanks to lightweight treated-paper cones that are very efficient and
thus able to deliver high volume levels, the company said.

Entering the new product
category, said national sales manager Jamie Trentacoste, is part of MTX Audio’s
strategy to become a “single solution vendor for our dealers.” The new products
also help dealers meet “their customers’ need while at the same time helping
them reach their volume and freight goals,” she said.

The RTX drivers
will ship in December with 8-ohm impedance. They will include a 6.5-inch
midbass driver rated at 100 watts RMS, an 8-inch midbass rated at 150 watts
RMS, a 10-inch midbass rated at 250 watts RMS, a 2-inch bullet tweeter rated at
100 watts RMS, and a 4-inch bullet tweeter rated at 250 watts RMS.

In shallow subwoofers,
the company plans mid-September shipments of the FPR (Flat Piston) series for
mounting in small spaces yet still deliver deep bass.

The FPR-series
subwoofers will be available in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes in both single 2-ohm
and single 4-ohm versions at $229 and $249.

subwoofers have been one of our fasting growing product categories,” said
Trentacoste. “As cars get smaller and space is at a greater premium,
customers want to use as little [space] as possible but still want the performance
of a subwoofer,” she said.

To achieve that
performance, the FPR series features a patent-pending design in which the
spider mounts directly to the front plate to allow for increased air flow and
maximum excursion, she said. A new cone design is said to increase overall
surface diameter. An aluminum dust cap pulls heat away from the voice coil
through the subwoofer.

In still another
product launch, the company added its latest loaded subwoofer enclosure, which
is equipped with dual 12-inch RoadThunder TRL subs with a 500-watt RMS and 1,000-watt
peak power rating. Its load is 2 ohms.

The loaded
enclosure is designed as “an affordable step up from our dual Terminator
enclosure for customers that are looking for an even louder and better sounding
enclosure,” Trentacoste said.

The RTL12X2D is available
at a price of $329 and suggested retail of $379.

It features a
single terminal cup to connect an amplifier. The MDF enclosure is finished in
black, aviation-grade carpet and gloss-black vinyl baffle. A side-firing slot is
designed to coax greater bass output from the enclosure.