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MSN Movies Offers Trailers In ‘Ambilight’

Atlanta – Cognizant that movie trailers are one of the most popular forms of online video downloads, Philips has collaborated with MSN’s Branded Entertainment & Experiences Team to offer online high-definition (HD) movie trailers in Ambilight on MSN Movies.

The companies are now providing to U.S. audiences streaming HD movie trailers with full Ambilight backlighting at MSN Movies.

The web site offers the trailers inset in the image of a Philips FlatTV with a surrounding Ambilight halo. The presentation offers a realistic recreation of the Ambilight Full Surround experience, complete with a screen-surrounding glow that is synched for color and brightness with the video image.

Ambilight analyzes incoming signal to project matching light in real time onto the surface behind the set, enveloping the environment in rich tailor-made blends of color and light intensity, matching the content on screen to create an immersive viewing experience.

The trailers are offered in standard definition or HD, both with complete smoothness and quality. Movie fans can share film trailer links via e-mail and even to post clips to Windows Live Spaces.

“Online trailers sites are among the most popular entertainment places on the Internet,” said Scott Levitan, senior VP of marketing and sales, Philips Consumer Electronics.

“The Ambilight feature on MSN Movies offers a rich and immersive online trailer viewing, creating a unique mini-cinematic experience. Coupled with high-definition picture quality, this first ever offering of online movie trailers in Ambilight heightens the impact of the scenes, drawing viewers to films in a way that has never been seen before. We hope that as movie fans see the Ambilight effect on MSN Movies they will be encouraged to discover the full thrill of Ambilight on a real life FlatTV.”