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Sturbridge, Mass. - MRI, the distributor of home, custom installation and mobile electronics products will hold its ninth annual Expo on May 25.

The event will be held at the Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center, here, and will have over 50 vendors in attendance.

This year's home/custom installation agenda includes presentations such as "State of the Custom Installation Industry," CEDIA administered basic and advanced IP courses, home automation and IP control, lighting control, self-contained wireless security with touchscreen interface, smart TV product seminars, projectors, multiple new technology vendor training sessions, expanded vendor display areas, dedicated home theaters, aamong others.

The mobile section will include: MERA's "The Dashboard Evolution," which focuses on the challenges of selling aftermarket products and addresse modern day in-vehicle solutions; sessions on OEM integration devices, DSP technology, installation training techniques, security and remote start updates, including bypass boot camp; vendors' new product line reviews and training sessions, show vehicles, mobile exhibits, and more, the distributor said.

Entertainment and catered meals throughout the day are included, said MRI, a founding member of the PowerHouse Alliance national distribution group.

For registration info dealers can visit

or call 888-824-9569.


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