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MP3 Players Get Transmitters

Indianapolis — Thomson is shipping a trio of slimmed-down HDD-based MP3 players including the company’s first two with a built-in FM transmitter to play tunes through a home or car radio.

The three 4GB and 6GB devices, already available at $139-$169, support Windows Media Player 11 and Media Transfer Protocol (MPT) compatibility with Windows XP. They’re 2.7 ounces each and feature business-card height and width.

The two $169 6GB models incorporate FM transmitters and are thought by RCA to be the first pure MP3 players with that capability, following the launch of an LG MP3-cellphone and hybrid MP3/satellite radio headphone stereos.

All three feature 1.5-inch negative-LCD display, MP3 and protected WMA playback, Audible audio book compatibility and subscription-service compatibility; 100 free downloads from and free trials of Yahoo! Music Unlimited and are included.