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Motorola Losses Down In Q3, Up For Year To Date

Mountain View, Calif. – Third-quarter operating losses at Google’s Motorola unit shrank on a sequential and year-ago basis but were up for the first nine months of the fiscal year.

Revenues for both periods were down more than 30 percent.

Third-quarter 2013 revenues shrank 36 percent to $1.14 billion compared with the year-ago quarter and were down 34.6 percent for the nine-month period to $3.16 billion.

Third-quarter operating losses shrank 39.8 percent to $317 million from the year-ago $523 million. For the year to date, however, operating losses were up 10.3 percent to $930 million.

The third-quarter revenue decline followed a second-quarter bump up to $998 million from the prior year’s $843 million.

Motorola Mobile’s full-year 2012 sales were $6.33 billion, down 33 percent from $2011’s $9.5 billion.

Google purchased Motorola in May 2012.

In the third quarter, Motorola accounted for 8 percent of Google’s consolidated sales, down from a year-ago 13 percent.

As of Sept. 30, Motorola’s head count shrank to 4,259 compared with 4,599 at the end of the second quarter.