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Motorola Launches MOTO Q Smartphone

Basking Ridge, N.J. —Verizon Wireless and Motorola today introduced the next-generation Motorola Q music phone with an updated sleek design and improved music and video interface.

The new MOTO Q music 9m remains one of the first smartphones to support over-the-air music downloads. It supports Verizon’s V CAST Music service but Motorola said it has not yet announced whether the phone will support the new Rhapsody America service announced yesterday in conjunction with Verizon.

Unlike the original Motorola Q, the MOTO Q has a dedicated portal for V CAST Music. It also supports Windows Mobile 6. Similar to its predecessor, the MOTO Q offers Bluetooth, EV-DO access, 1.3-megapixel camera with flash and built-in dual stereo speakers. Removable storage (miniSD) is included for pictures, videos and music. It also offers an optimized keyboard for fast typing; a side-scroll thumb wheel for one-handed menu navigation; and dedicated keys for messaging, speakerphone and other features.

It is available online for $249 after a $100 online discount with an additional $50 mail-in rebate available. It is also on sale through Verizon Wireless stores. For a limited time, the MOTO Q music 9m will be available in boxed sets with a 2GB miniSD card and stereo headset for an additional $49.99 or with a 4GB miniSD card for $149.