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Motorola Expands DirecTV’s Local HD Service

Las Vegas – Motorola told broadcasters attending the National Association of Broadcasters convention over the weekened that DirecTV is deploying its MPEG 4-based multiplexing and video compression technology to add more local TV services in selected cities across the country.

The company said DirecTV has implemented Motorola encoders in seven cities to receive signals from local TV stations. Each encoder features a terrestrial receiver so that TV signals are received and converted to MPEG-4 in a single unit.

The encoder transmits its signals to a Motorola multiplexer in DirecTV’s Broadcast Center, where the signals from various encoders are packaged together and dispersed via satellite to DirecTV’s customers, according to a Motorola statement on the technology.

“We chose the Motorola MPEG-4 encoder for its flexible inputs and muxing [multiplexing] capability,” stated Hanno Basse, DirecTV broadcast systems engineering VP.