Motorola Bows Pager-Size Cellphones

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Motorola unveiled its first pager-size digital wireless phones for the U.S. market and its first trimode CDMA digital phones at CES, where it also unveiled a digital phone with built-in FM stereo radio.

The company is also hosting technology demonstrations of products, including a working watch phone, not yet slated for sale. The watch phone operates on overseas GSM frequencies and for now delivers only about 30-60 minutes of talktime, the company said.

The pager-size phones are the company's smallest and lightest digital phones to date and might be the industry's smallest and lightest available when they ship early this year at expected retail prices ranging from $499-$699. The pager-size phones are in the V. ("V-dot") family of wireless products targeted to image-conscious consumers.

The clamshell-style V. phones, all with microbrowsers, consist of:

  • The CDMA 800MHz dual-mode V8160 and CDMA 1.9GHz V8162, both shipping with slim lithium-ion battery bringing weight to 2.98 ounces and delivering up to 2.5 hours of digital talktime or 5.2 days of digital standby. They're due in the first quarter.
  • A 1.9GHz GSM model that weighs only 2.7 ounces and delivers up to 2.5 hours of digital talktime or up to 62/3 hours of digital standby. First-quarter availability is targeted.

The company's first three CDMA trimode phones, all with microbrowsers, are in the StarTac, Timeport and Talk-

about series. They operate in digital mode at 800MHz and 1.9GHz and in analog mode at 800MHz. They're due by the end of the first quarter at end-user prices expected to start at about $249.

Motorola also announced a new opening-price wireless phone series within each of its V. and Talkabout families. They're the company's first phones with consumer-changeable faceplates offered in different colors.

The two series are dubbed V2200 and T2200, respectively, and both comprise five phones: a dual-mode 800MHz TDMA; a trimode TDMA; a dual-mode CDMA; a dual-band CDMA operating digitally at 1.9GHz and in analog at 800MHz; and a GSM 1.9GHz model.

The GSM model in the V2200 series incorporates the FM stereo radio, which is listenable only through a wired hands-free earbud/microphone accessory. The phone features FM presets and seek tuning, but users can also punch a station frequency directly into the phone keypad.

Motorola also hosted a technology demonstration of a wireless video phone using third-generation (3G) wideband wireless technology.


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