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Motorola Adds Text-To-Speech Bluetooth Headset

Libertyville, Ill. – Motorola today
introduced the H17txt with MotoSpeak, a text-to-speech capable Bluetooth headset
that will be offered through Verizon Wireless carrier stores beginning

Customers can download the text-to-speech application
to their smartphone from multiple application stores, including Android Market,
by searching for “MotoSpeak.” Users can enable the application on their
cellphone and, when paired with H17txt with MotoSpeak, automatically hear their
SMS text messages through the headset in real time.

Features include Rapidconnect easy-on activation
whenever the headset is activated; incoming text-message sender ID; and
customizable auto-response messages that can, among other things, inform text
senders that a user is driving and will call back when available.

The H17txt translates 150 text acronyms, such as LOL,
BTW and L8R.

When paired with any Bluetooth-compatible phone, the
headset allows for turn-by-turn directions to be heard only by the driver. Voice
prompts audibly update battery level, mute status and first-time setup, among
other settings.

“Motorola continues to promote responsible driving, by
helping users keep their hands on the wheels and eyes on the road, no matter
what comes in on their mobile phone,” said Wayne White, corporate VP, companion
products. “H17txt with MotoSpeak reflects an enhancement in Bluetooth
connectivity where consumers are able to stay connected in a more responsible