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Motorola To Add Connected PNDs

Libertyville, Ill.
– Motorola, which

the portable navigation device (PND) market

in fall 2008, plans to ship its
first connected PNDs in the first quarter.

connected services will be available in all three new models via Bluetooth through
a data-enabled cellphone for a fee. Pricing of the PNDs and service haven’t
been announced.

The TN555, TN560t and
TN765t all feature touchscreen, street-name announce, lane guidance, junction
view, speed-limit data, safety camera alerts, hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone
capability and voice dialing. Other features and services common to all are voice-prompted
Google local search for points of interest, live traffic (available on the
TN555 with the addition of a dock equipped with traffic receiver), and Bing-powered
voice search for such information as stock quotes, horoscopes, travel
information, sports, movie times, flight status, weather and other data. Connected
services are free for the first 90 days.

All three feature
voice recognition to execute commands, but the TN765t adds voice input of destinations.
The top model also adds 3D landmarks, a feature that is optional on the TN560t
and TN555. All three use Motorola’s MultiView display, which shows map and
location in the center of the screen with the left side showing route details
and points of interest. The right side shows contacts and other information.

The TN555 and 560t
feature 4.3-inch widescreen LCD touchscreen, 128MB embedded memory and
removable 2GB memory card. The TN765t features 5.1-inch widescreen “cinematic” display,
so-called because it’s wider than the screens on the other models. The TN765t also
features 256MB of embedded memory and removable 4GB memory card.