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Motorhead Sets CES Headphones Debut

LAS VEGAS — Those indefatigable hard rockers known collectively as Motorhead are launching a complete assortment of headphones and earphones for the U.S. market under the brand name Motorheadphones during International CES.

The first generation’s assortment will be on display at booth 35434 and consist of nine products total, including six in-ear models. Most models will be smartphone-ready, and two of the headphones will be equipped with the newly developed microphone called the Controlizer. The Motorheadphones concept is to combine professional high-quality audio for street use with a rock attitude.

The company said such bands as Danko Jones, Michael Schenker Group, In Flames and Hammerfall have already join forces with Motorhead to make Motorheadphones No. 1 in headphones for rockers.

According to an official but unattributed statement from the company, “No weak-kneed, lily-livered, tin-pot and skinny sounding little pieces of garbage. No, that ain’t Motorhead’s style. These are headphones designed to deliver everything louder than everything else but with the sort of range, clarity and true rock reproduction you’d expect from a band of road warriors who have been at the top of the tree year after year.”

Motorheadphones are available and priced from $64.79 to $77.76 for earphones and $129 to $168 for the headphones.