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MotionTouch Intros iPhone Accessory Pack

London –
MotionTouch introduced an iPhone accessory pack that groups a battery sleeve
with a stylus.

The Mi-Life pack
comes with the company’s Mi-Power battery sleeve and its Mi-Stylus. The Mi-Power
is billed as an eco-friendly iPhone battery sleeve that can be charged via USB
or solar panel. A reported 1.5 hours of talktime is provided.

The Mi-Stylus is
constructed of special composite rubber, MotionTouch said, with a slanted nib
that “imitates the electrical characteristics of the human finger, giving you a
level of touch screen response you cannot find in a rigid-tipped stylus.”

The Mi-Life package
is available for $25.00 and can be used with the iPhone 3G and 3G S. When sold
separately, the Mi-Power is $20.00 and the Mi-Stylus is $10.50.