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More Portable Car Video SKUs Expected At CES

More product for the portable car video market should appear during International CES this week with new SKUs from Sony, Audiovox and Emerson among several manufacturers, expected to make introductions.

Sony is jumping into the portable car video market with an all-in-one DVD/monitor that straps in between car seats or onto a console. The unit has a full swivel-mount 6.5- inch screen that can flip upside down, for viewing as an overhead screen.

The company claims it is among the first to ship with a wireless FM modulator for linking to the car audio system. The model MV-65ST also has A/V inputs and outputs, built in speakers, MP3, Dolby Digital and DTS. The unit is expected to ship in March or April at about a $500 suggested retail.

Current portable leader, Audiovox, is also revamping its line to include wireless FM modulators beginning in March. Among the new product offerings are “D series” units which are portable LCD TVs with built-in DVD and detachable speakers. They are designed to transport from the car to a home kitchen or bedroom for use as a spare TV.

Similar to the current D1210, the units come in new screen sizes of 10.2 inches on the D1020, and 15.4 inches on the D1540. Both have built-in TV tuners and come with a car strap and mounting kit. They will ship with a new 12-volt outlet/wireless FM modulator adapter plug. Tentative street prices are $699 and $899.

Audiovox is also adding an IR transmitter to all its video-in-a-bag products and a new carry bag. “The game plan going forward is, ‘Why would you want to buy a portable DVD?’ With ours, you get the FM modulator, the sturdy secure mounting option, the option to add more monitors and a padded carry bag with compartments for a slightly higher price,'” said product manager David Shalam.

Emerson is also showing a new portable video system called the M-Box. The all-in-one unit comes in screen sizes from 7 to 8 inches. The units have built-in DVD, TV tuner, speakers and FM modulator, as well as IR transmitter and remote. The M-Box comes with a headrest strap and has A/V input and output lines. Suggested retail prices range from $799 to $999.