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More HD DVD Titles On The Way

More software will son be available for the just-launched HD DVD format as Magnolia Home Entertainment announced the release of its first five titles in the high-definition format.

Magnolia will distribute HD DVD titles of full-length feature films and original television programs produced by Mark Cuban’s HDNet Films, and his television network’s HDNet and HDNet Movies.

Initial releases are slated for May and will include the documentary “Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room” ($29.98 suggested retail), Steven Soderbergh’s “Bubble” ($29.98), the controversial “The War Within” ($29.98), the HDNet series “Bikini Destinations” ($26.98) and the HDNet World Report Special: “Shuttle Discovery’s Historic Mission” ($26.98).

Extras on HD DVDs include an audio commentary from Steven Soderbergh and Mark Romanek, and “Bubble Episode Highlights” from the HDNet show “Higher Definition” on the “Bubble” disc.

Audio commentary with writer director Joseph Castelo and writer/actor Ayad Akhtar will be featured on “The War Within.”

Meanwhile, Warner Home Video announced the first hybrid HD DVD/DVD title will be available with the May 9 release of “Rumour Has It.” This dual-format disc will carry a $39.99 suggested retail, or about $11 more than a regular HD DVD title. It will have a high-definition HD DVD version of the film on one side and a standard-definition DVD version on the other.

The hybrid disc is being positioned as a future-proof option for consumers that have DVD players but plan to purchase an HD DVD player down the road.

Warner Home Video also said it will release three additional HD DVD titles including “Goodfellas” and “Swordfish” on May 2 and “Training Day” on May 9.