Mono E-Reader Display Shipments Increasing

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Shipments of monochrome e-book displays this year have more than doubled those of 2010, according to IHS.

The research firm anticipates total display shipments to hit 27.1 million, up 108 percent from the 13 million shipped last year.

This upward trend will remain strong, if at a somewhat slower pace in the coming years. IHS is forecasting continued growth through 2014 when 42.6 million displays are expected to ship.

However, by 2015 shipments will start to fall off, with 36.8 million screens leaving factories, according to the report by HIS.

This massive increase takes place despite strong tablet PC sales, including smaller, less-expensive tablets, from e-reader kings Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Eventually, IHS believes, the color tablets will displace the e-reader stand-alone models, but there are still growth opportunities in select vertical markets, such as education.


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