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MobiTV Expands ‘TV Everywhere’

EMERYVILLE, CALIF. – MobiTV, developer of live and on-demand video delivery systems for multiscreen viewing experiences, recently introduced new HDMI dongle capabilities affording video system operators a cost-effective entry into the home.

The company also recently revealed that it is working with IC manufacturer Marvell and connected solutions set-top box developer EchoStar to have MobiTV’s digital rights nanagement (DRM) agent and Marvell-powered media player integrated into Echo- Star set-top boxes for secure delivery of high-quality video over various delivery platforms.

MobiTV said the collaboration now allows both EchoStar and Marvell to offer a pre-integrated end-to- end ecosystem to operators, and to reduce time to market.

MobiTV, which defines itself as a “white-label service provider,” develops and markets “TV everywhere” solutions to video and mobile service operators and hardware manufacturers. Today the company’s systems power the Sprint TV brand, AT&T Mobile Live TV, T Mobile TV and US Cellular Mobile TV, as well as a number of deployments in Canada.

The company said it is working on a full-blown IPTV deployment across multiple screens leveraging an Android-based set-top box.

In its collaboration with Marvell, MobiTV said it now has a chipset offering a fully integrated solution with an end device that powers HD delivery to the home.

“By integrating MobiTV’s DRM solution on a deeper layer, we’re able to provide our customers superior security assurance, while also delivering an optimal digital viewing experience with minimal upfront costs,” said Mark Jackson, president of EchoStar Technologies. “We foresee many opportunities in the future to further integrate our technologies to deliver innovative, engaging applications and services to customers to help them unlock the true potential of multiscreen digital entertainment inside the home.”

Meanwhile, MobiTV’s connected media platform with an HDMI dongle is said to enable low-cost inhome and true TV everywhere experiences.

The dongle creates an opportunity for wireless, IPTV and DSL broadband operators to broaden their branded offerings with a true TV everywhere solution by providing easy installation, without truck rolls.

Operators can optimize the growing second screen experience, with tablets and smartphones becoming system remote controls, MobiTV said.

MobiTV said that like the tablet and the smartphone, the dongle “has strong potential to make waves in the industry.”

It provides mobile service operators with a way to bring viewing into the home and an opportunity to leverage existing assets, including a large preexisting footprint of mobile devices that can be used as second screen, wide subscriber base and multiservice product bundles.

Then, DSL broadband and IPTV providers can leverage the device as a low-cost means to support multi-room deployments.

Powered by MobiTV’s Connected Media Platform, broadband operators can expand their presence to true TV everywhere in and out of the home, the company said.