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Mobile Gaming No Second Fiddle During E3 Show

LOS ANGELES — While much of the focus was on console gaming, accessory makers didn’t neglect mobile gaming by any means.

Although the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 may have dominated the headlines, consumers will still seek to accessorize their smartphones and tablets for optimal gaming. Liam Callahan, an analyst at The NPD Group, described console and mobile gaming as “separate markets,” and said, “I don’t see consumers choosing one over the other if they own both devices.”

Here’s a gathering of some of the newest products that debuted while E3 was going on last week:

Scosche debuted electronic gaming dice known as SmartRoll. The Bluetooth-enabled dice feature built-in accelerometer and motion sensors for use with tablet and smartphone board games. They are designed with screen-safe rubber and operate via a coincell battery with a shake-to-wake function.

Scosche also launched an SDK during the show that provides developers with two dice, access to the company’s R&D team, and the opportunity to have their game featured on final dice packaging.

Moga announced it was expanding its line of mobile game controllers to include models that charge an Android or Windows Phone device while it’s being used. The Power Series, which will consist of two Bluetooth-enabled models in two different sizes, is scheduled to become available in the fall. They will feature support for multiplayer gaming on the same screen, and will be able to be used with more than 100 games, according to the company.

The Power Series Pro will feature rumble technology by Immersion. Pricing wasn’t given.

Performance Designed Products (PDP) touted a variety of gaming accessories during E3, including its line of PDP Mobile smartphone cases. Models include licensed designs from Nerf, DC Comics and Marvel.

The manufacturer also highlighted its Energizer- branded portable power packs and chargers for use with Android and iOS devices.