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Mobile Edge Debuts ‘Green’ PC Cases

Anaheim, Calif. — Carrying case supplier Mobile Edge has teamed up with DuPont for a line of environmentally-friendly TSA-compliant laptop bags.

The new Scanfast bags are primarily made from Sorona, a polymeric material from DuPont that is produced partially from agricultural feed stocks made from corn.

According to Mobile edge, using Sorona reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 63 percent when compared with typical petroleum-based nylon or polyester production, and reduces energy consumption during production by 30 percent.

“We are delighted to be leading the category in the use of environmentally friendly materials,” said G. David Cartwright, president/CEO of Mobile Edge. “It is our goal for Mobile Edge to establish a standard for producing truly eco-friendly laptop cases. Our new ScanFast cases are not only the smart way to travel, but smart for the environment as well.”

The new ScanFast cases comply with TSA airport security standards, providing an unobstructed security scan of a computer without having to remove it from the case.

Three styles are available — a briefcase, traditional messenger bag and a backpack — all priced at $99.99.

All three styles are in stock and shipping from the Mobile Edge facility, here.