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DVD With MP3 From Accele

LONG BEACH, CALIF. —Accele is launching a DVD player that plays MP3 files and has a built-in Dolby Digital (AC3) processor. Called the DVDDINAC3, the unit offers 5.1-channel sound with six RCA outputs in an ISO DIN chassis. It has a built-in vibration damping system, 12-volt operation and comes with a remote extended eye and IR remote. Accele's second DVD player, the DVDDINAC3 is expected to ship in March at a suggested retail price of $695.

Rosen Launches Its First Fully Modular Car Video

EUGENE, ORE. —Rosen Product debuted its first fully modular components system. Called ClearVue, the system is aimed to aftermarket retailers and features color-coded wires for simpler installation. The ClearVue system includes an FM modulator, VCP player, TV tuner, remote control, auxiliary game port and wireless headphones, and is designed for easy upgrading with a DVD player, Sirius radio or MP3 player. The system can be controlled from anywhere in the car, including the dash, and will carry a base suggested retail price of $1,899, the company said. Also new from Rosen are three TFT monitors—a 6.8-inch model, a 7-inch wide aspect ratio unit and a 10.4-inch model—which are sold only as part of the system.

Majestic Readies CD-R, CD-RW-Capable Receivers

VAN NUYS, CALIF . —Majestic is launching a new line of head units that include an MP3 model. All four new in-dash CD-receivers can read CD-R and CD-RW discs. The top-of-the-line MCDMP3HP reads MP3 CDs and has a full-logic detachable faceplate with 50 watts x 4 built-in power. It is expected to carry a suggested retail price of $359. Other new models include the MCD3900 at $259; the MCD3700 at $249, and the MCD3300 with CD changer controller and detachable face at a suggested $219.

Sanyo Ships DVD Changer

CHATSWORTH, CALIF. —Sanyo is currently shipping its first mobile DVD/CD changer, called the Excedio DV-S100. The 10-disc unit is compatible with Sanyo Excedio changer controllers and plays CD-R and CD-RW discs. It comes with a remote control and IR receiver unit and can be used with an optional FM modulator. Suggested retail price is $999.


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