MK Sound Adds First Floorstanding Speaker


Chicago -

MK Sound

has begun shipping its first floorstanding speaker as part of its speaker-diversification drive.

The new speaker is the $2,000/pair 950F, which follows the company's first on-wall speaker to market and joins the company's compact, bookshelf and architectural speakers. The on-wall speaker is the $550-each MP7, which shipped after 2011's CEDIA Expo.

The sealed-enclosure 950F is 48 inches tall and uses dual 5.25-inch polypropylene woofers to maintain a narrow footprint. It features the company's Sound Phase Focused crossover, which optimizes frequency response in both the vertical and horizontal planes and delivers wide imaging, the company said. MK's Sound Pro open-back tweeter is said to be fast and accurate while eliminating high-frequency smearing and phase/combing anomalies.

A heavy curved metal-mesh grille is acoustically inert and held in place by concealed magnets to eliminate buzzing and rattling.

The new floorstander is part of the MK Sound 950 THX Select2 speaker series, which includes the compact LCR950 and the SUR95T tripole speaker.


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