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Mitsubishi’s 92-In. 3DTV Tops Line


Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions
America revealed details on its 2011 TV line,
lead by 92-inch 3D DLP Home Cinema TV which it
previewed during CES in January.

New models include DLP TVs ranging from 73
to 92 inches.

“Consumers are demanding outrageously large
screens with the high speed response and picture
quality to transform 3D TV watching into a biggerthan-
life, fully immersive experience,” said Max
Wasinger, executive VP of sales and marketing.

Mitsubishi’s Diamond 840 series, which includes
its flagship 92-inch 3D DLP Home Cinema
TV, comes with a range of enhancements and
upgrades. These include a new Clear Contrast
Screen that mitigates ambient light through a specially-
formulated screen material to deliver deep
blacks, bright whites and a wide range of colors in
between. And the series’ features integrated Immersive
Sound Technology (IST) 16-speaker Dolby
Digital 5.1 surround sound system that delivers home
theater audio, without the need for separate components,
the company said.

The Diamond 840 Series and LaserVue models offer
a connected TV feature, Mitsubishi’s iPhone, iPod
touch and iPad remote control application, which will
be available for free in the iTunes store.

Mitsubishi leverages connected TV, with wireless
Internet capability featured in its 740 and 840 series,
and wireless Internet built in to the LaserVue televisions.
Mitsubishi’s StreamT feature, available on 740 and 840 series and LaserVue televisions,
provides instant access to an
extensive library of online entertainment
and social media content.

Here are some details:

• 40 Series 3D DLP Home Cinema
TV Series offers a 73-inch screen
size for $1,599 with built-in 3DTV, 3D
emitter (DLP link & VESA jack), plush
1080p(r) and 3 HDMI inputs. It ships
this month.

• 740 Series 3D DLP Home Cinema
TV Series has a built-in 3D IR
emitter, and StreamTV with high-def
and 3D movies from VUDU, as well as
100 applications for sports, news, social
media and entertainment. The 73-
and 82-inch screen sizes are $2,099
and $3,499, respectively. They ship in

• Diamond 840 3D DLP Home
Cinema TV Series is headlined by
Mitsubishi’s 92-inch 3D DLP Home
Cinema TV. The Diamond 840 Series
also includes 73- and 82-inch
sizes that add the new Clear Contrast
Screen for high-quality viewing
of 3D and high-definition programming
and content. The Diamond 840
Series includes an immersive sound
technology (IST) 16-speaker Dolby
Digital 5.1 surround sound system
and Bluetooth Audio. They are
priced at $2,599 (73-inch), $4,199
(82-inch) and $5,999 (92-inch). The
series ships in July.

• L75-A94 LaserVue, priced
$6,999 and shipping in June, has
a new Clear Contrast Screen, with
VUDU movies and applications, this
75-inch large-screen laser TV has
a built-In wireless Internet and four
HDMI inputs.