Mitsubishi Shows 1,080p DLPs

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Mitsubishi this week will show to CEDIA dealers its expanded advanced television lineup, including some of the industry's first-to-ship 1,080p DLP rear-projection sets, newly added 3LCD rear-projection sets, and plasma and LCD TV models.

This year, all models except Mitsubishi's plasma displays feature built-in CableCARD slots and ATSC tuning. The line was introduced at its dealer show in April (see TWICE, April 18, p. 1.)

Mitsubishi's 13-model microdisplay selection includes nine 1,080p DLP rear-projection sets and four 720p 3LCD-based rear-projection models. Diamond Series 1,080p DLP models shipping this month will also incorporate HD digital video recorders.

The company has added LCD-based models for the first time, while dropping its lone LCoS model from 2004.

In plasma monitors, the company is adding 42W-inch (shipping this month at $4,299) and 50W-inch (shipping now at $6,999) models. They are designed to connect to Mitsubishi's HD-6000 ($2,199) receiver/controller box.

Mitsubishi will also ship this month two new LCD TVs in the 32W-inch ($4,299) and 37W-inch ($5,299) screen sizes; the latter features 1,080p resolution. Both are bundled with an outboard media box incorporating a digital CableCARD and ATSC tuning.

In addition, Mitsubishi is offering a digital cable-ready 42W-inch ($8,499) HD LCD TV with a built-in HD PVR.


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