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Mitsubishi Kicks Off 3D Truck Tour

Irvine, Calif. –

Digital Electronics America (MDEA)

said Tuesday it has kicked off its
nationwide 3D Experience Tour to showcase its line of 3D DLP home cinema TVs.

The tour will use a 995-square-foot, 18-wheel tractor
trailer as a “Mobile Marketing Showroom.” The tractor trailer was on display at
the recent

Marketing Group

convention this month.

Viewers across the country will have a chance to see the
company’s lineup of 60-inch plus 3D sets, including an 82-inch model with more
than three times the viewing area of a 46-inch screen.

Also featured will be the company’s new 3D LaserVue model, based
on the industry’s only laser light engine for consumer projection systems.

All 3D DLP sets use the same core DLP technology as the vast
majority of 3D movie theaters.

The company also plans to highlight models with its unique Unisen
Immersive Sound LED LCD TVs with an 18-speaker array built in for Dolby Digital
5.1 surround sound.

“The Mitsubishi 3D Experience Tour brings this experience to
towns and cities across America so that consumers can experience for themselves
the eye-popping, jaw-dropping difference our cinema-quality DLP technology makes
in 3D entertainment,” said Max Wasinger, Mitusbishi sales and marketing
executive VP. “This year represents the third consecutive year that we have
used our mammoth big-rig Mobile Marketing Showroom to tour the U.S. and
demonstrate 3D TV as it would be experienced in the home.  We’re excited to again hit the road and
introduce our unparalleled 2010 lineup of large screen, immersive 3D DLP Home
Cinema TVs to America.”

Mitsubishi will tweet from all locations throughout the tour,
including the cities below. A schedule of stops follows below:

Aug. 26-28 – Detroit

Sept. 12-13 – Norwalk, Conn.

Sept. 17-19 – Wayne, N.J.

Sept. 21-23 – Carteret, N.J.

Sept. 24-26 – Medford, N.J.

Oct. 15-17 – Boston

Oct. 22-24 – San Antonio

Oct. 29-31 – Dallas

Nov. 5-7 – Albuquerque

Nov. 12-14 – Tulsa, Okla.

Nov. 19-21 – Dallas