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Mitsubishi Intros New Photo Kiosks

Irvine, Calif. — Mitsubishi Digital Electronics announced a pair of digital photo kiosks today.

The DPS Kiosk 7000 and DPS Click 5000 will both feature frames and borders courtesy of photo template creator Aperion. The units will be preloaded with 25 Aperion template families with a choice of three sizes within each. The templates include holiday, birth announcements, birthday cards and scrapbook-related themes.

The DPS Click 5000

The DPS Kiosk 7000 features a 17-inch SXGA touch screen, built-in photo editing and photo enhancement features, frames and borders. The unit can sit on a counter or on an optional base, which can also houses the optional dye-sublimation printers.

The Kiosk 7000 can connect to the CP-9550DW-U for 4-inch by 6-inch, 5 by 7-inch and 6 by 9-inch prints, and the CP-3020DAU for 8 by 10-inch and 8 by 12-inch prints.

The Click 5000 also offers a 17-inch SXGA-resolution touch screen LCD, photo editing and enhancement including color balance, brightness, contrast and saturation controls. The Click can be networked to a minilab or Kiosk 7000. It can also connect to the CP-9550DW-U and CP-3020D AU printers.

Pricing on the kiosks will vary by configuration choice. The Click 50000 will range from $3,195 to $5,975 depending on printer type and number of printers purchased. The unit can support up to two printers. The Kiosk 7000 will range from $3,595 to $6,975.