Mitsubishi Demonstrates LCoS 3D Projector

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— Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America’s presentation products division is using CEDIA Expo to demonstrate its first 3D projector along with a single-chip DLP model offering high-brightness and low cost of ownership.

The 3D front projector, which recently made its debut at IFA, reportedly uses a 3-chip SXRD (LCoS) imaging engine with 1080p resolution.

The projector is said to have a maximum brightness of 1,000 ANSI lumens, and the 3D technology uses active-shutter glasses technology. One pair will be included with the projector, according to reports out of Germany.

Inputs include a pair of HDMI v1.4a ports, making it compatible with new 3D Blu-ray players among many other 3D source devices.

Pricing and availability on the 3D model were not ready as this went to press.

The new HC4000 2D projector, which will also be on display at the show, uses a DarkChip 3 1080p DLP chip with BrilliantColor technology, and is said to produce 1,300 lumens of brightness and an ANSI contrast ratio of up to 750:1, the company said.

ANSI contrast is measured using uniform standards set by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for fair and equitable comparisons. The projector is also said to have all-glass lenses.

To present 2.35:1 aspect ratio films easily, the HC4000 offers anamorphic lens support, by positioning an anamorphic lens in front of the HC4000 lens and selecting the appropriate Anamorphic Mode 1 or Mode 2 for aspect ratios of 2.35:1 or 16:9, respectively.

The unit is said to allow “a low cost of ownership” with a $1,495 suggested retail. It is available to dealers now and comes with Mitsubishi’s twoyear limited warranty on parts and labor plus a one-year limited warranty on the lamp.

Lamp life is rated at 5,000 hours in low conservation mode. Bulbs can be quickly replaced using a top-access design.

A filter-free design and semi-sealed construction keeps dust from the optical elements.

Mitsubishi said “periodic maintenance is greatly reduced, making the projector more economical over time, and allowing users to enjoy their home theater longer.”

Projector noise level is rated at a quiet 25dBA in low mode, and an HDMI input is included.

The lens features a 1.5x-zoom ratio with digital keystone correction.


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