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Mitsubishi Adds More Flat-Panel TVs, Bows LCD

Mitsubishi announced plans to dramatically expand its flat-panel TV offerings by adding a second-generation high-definition plasma display line and its first assortment of direct-view HD LCD displays.

The company said it would offer the LC-T2320 23W-inch 16:9 LCD HD monitor, the LC-T3020 30W-inch 16:9 LCD HD monitor, the PD-4220 42W-inch 16:9 plasma HD monitor, the PD-5020 50W-inch 16:9 plasma HD monitor, and the PD-6120 61-inch plasma HD monitor.

All are considered part of Mitsubishi’s new “Medallion level” product line and are expected to ship in the second fiscal period of the year, the company said.

Earlier in the year, Mitsubishi announced plans to market its first generation 50-inch HD plasma display panel.

The company plans to market the HDTV-upgradeable panels as part of a complete analog/digital HDTV system, when paired with its forthcoming HD-5000 DTV tuner.

The HD-5000 tuner will incorporate dual analog tuners, an HD tuner for broadcast digital television, a QAM tuner for unscrambled cable reception, an IEEE 1394 digital connection for home audio-video and computer networking, as well as HAVi (Home Audio Video interoperability) software for IEEE 1394 system control. Also included in the tuner will be Mitsubishi’s NetCommand control interface for IEEE-1394 and IR analog home theater products.

The set-top box will connect to the Mitsubishi panels via a proprietary MonitorLink connection.