Mitsubishi Adds 92-Inch 3D DLP Rear Projection



Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America

(MDEA) revealed at International CES here Tuesday that it will add a massive 92-inch screen size to its 2011 DLP 3D 1080p rear projection TV line in addition to new models in the 60, 65, 73 and 82 inch screen sizes.

 Mitsubishi is demonstrating the 92-inch set in Central Hall booth 9021 during the show this week.

The 92-inch 3D Home Cinema TV is includes a number of advanced features including a fully integrated 3D TV with built-in emitter, StreamTV Internet Media streaming, multi-speaker immersive sound technology (IST), center channel mode with center channel input, rear channel pre-outputs, sub-woofer output, Bluetooth streaming audio, four HDMI inputs, ISFccc, USB media player, advanced calibration mode, universal remote control, 120Hz sub-frame rate, Jade user interface and a new clear contrast screen.

The company is also showing its first 1080p full HD 3D home theater front projection system, targeting home theater applications.

In addition, some of Mitsubishi Electric's commercial divisions will highlight their respective technologies, including a super high-contrast 155-inch OLED display geared for the digital signage market and a new Mitsubishi Mini Photo Album Printer which offers the ability to design and instantly print personalized pocket-sized photo books.

"3D TV has formally arrived, and unit sales in 2010 certainly underscore this fact. 3D dominated box office numbers, as consumers flocked to the cinema to lose themselves in the fully immersive experience that large screen 3D delivers," stated Max Wasinger, MDEA sales and marketing executive VP. "Our focus at Mitsubishi is to replicate the cinematic 3D experience in the home, and our broad offering of very large screen 3D Home Cinema and 3D LaserVue TVs do just that."


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