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Mitsubishi Adds 92" 3D DLP Rear-Projection twi1103p006.indd


Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America
(MDEA) revealed at International CES that it is
adding a massive 92-inch screen size to its DLP 3D
1080p rear-projection TV line.

The 92-inch 3D Home Cinema TV includes a number
of advanced features, such as fully integrated 3D
TV capability with built-in signal emitter to link with
active-shutter glasses, StreamTV Internet Media
streaming, multi-speaker immersive sound technology
(IST), center-channel mode with center channel
input, rear-channel pre-outputs, sub-woofer output,
Bluetooth streaming audio, four HDMI inputs, ISFccc
calibration certification, USB media player, advanced
calibration mode, universal remote control, 120Hz
sub-frame rate and a new clear contrast screen.

Max Wasinger, MDEA sales and marketing executive
VP, said, “Our focus at Mitsubishi is to replicate
the cinematic 3D experience in the home, and our
broad offering of very large-screen 3D Home Cinema
and 3D LaserVue TVs do just that.”

Frank DeMartin, MDEA marketing VP, said the
company would make further announcements on
new LaserVue sets later in the year as the company
begins delivery plans in the second quarter.

At the same time, the company will announce new
Immersive Sound LCD TVs for 2011. It demonstrated
prototype 3D LCD TVs at its booth during the show,
but would not discuss marketing specifics — perhaps
giving a glimpse at things to come. It was similarly
mum on a range of Apps powered by Vudu that are
slated for the StreamTV connective TV system.